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1) what’s your favorite food and what is your ideal environment/way to eat it

Um idk I love salt and vinegar chips and I like eating them on my couch at like 3 am when nobody can bother me

2)favorite color and most ideal item to have that color on?

My favourite colour is mint green and the ideal item is a pair of nice kicks

3) favorite way to spend your time?

Drawing ~

4) what do you think your stand would be like if you had one? if you have no idea what that means then read jjba (aggressively peer pressures specific friends).

My stand would be called dark globe Bc it sounds cool and it’s named after a syd Barrett song and I love syd Barrett to death

5)is there anything you regret liking and dont like anymore?

Thank u for this. It’s iggy like I thought she would be cool but she’s fake AF

6)first obsession?

The Beatles…oh man

7) favorite anime and why

This is like asking me what’s my favourite song…I can’t answer this

8) any habits?

Biting at my gums

9)favorite plant

Robert Plant

10)if it was the end of the world and you had to pick a vegetable to fend yourself with then what type of vegetable would you pick?


11)ok if it wasnt the end of the world and you just had to pick a vegetable for no reason then what type do you think you’d pick?

I would still pick a cucumber

My questions:
1)if you were 82 and your friend asked you to drop acid would you do it
2) what genre of music appeals to you
3) what is your overall opinion on drake 
4) do you prefer sweet or spicy 
5) what’s a kink of yours you are willing to admit
6) what hair length do you like on yourself
7) do you have any piercings 
8) who is a fictional character crush of yours you’ll never get over
9) if you would be asked to beatbox on the spot would you be able to do it
10) do you have a birthmark and if so where
11) if given the chance to go to Siberia for free would you go

Ok I’m gonna tag repeatingregret madamemauve athenacykes kanedere plumbone starryvibes

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Once again, Caucasian does not mean white, and using it to mean white is actually racist.

There are real Caucasian people who live in the Caucasus region, and they are not white.




warmup with my favourite minor antagonist in jjba. idk i dont think a lot of people like him…maybe its cause of his snot..but i love him!!! he looks like marc bolan which is a plus too 

he looks like slash he’s obviously supposed to look like slash

since this is directed to my comment, magenta magenta is really supposed to look like Marc Bolan from T.Rex, not Slash. His stand is also named after one of the songs by his band. here u go!!